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3 ways to big arms.

Do you feel like you lack in the arm department?

Have you spent most of your time training your legs for sport?

When it comes to training your arms, remember any upper body exercise you are doing will involve your arms as well. Hence, you need to add this to your recovery time, rest time of your arms includes all upper body exercises. Your arms need rest between training to build muscle.    

Follow my 3 simple steps to get big arms. Don’t go heavy, go intense, change it up and give them a rest between workouts. 

1/ Change it up.

Too much of the same routine is boring your muscles feel the same, the most you vary your exercise, the better your muscles respond.

Try to avoid doing the same exercise each workout, vary your workout, hit your muscles in more than one angle, use cable, bars and dumbbells.  

2/ Don’t go heavy go intense

Is this the 3 or 4th time I’ve said this? I’ll keep saying it as it’s so important to grow muscle.

Using the weight that you can control with slow motion when you perform your exercise, puts your biceps and triceps under pressure which means more blood flow in that area and more fibres get destroyed, and then bigger muscles will build.

Avoid having to much rest between sets and use supersets to maximise the intensity. 

3/ Give them a rest

Training your arms 2 or 3 times a weeks doesn’t make your arms bigger, the main factor, if you want to grow your muscles, is to train them hard not heavy and give them a rest between training sessions, they need it to recover and grow. Recovery is much more important than keep exhorting yourself in the gym as long as your workout is hard enough to make the process work well.

If you are ready to start training, get in touch, and I can show you how to get big arms.

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