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 Strength Camp Helping Formby Men Over 35 Transform into Fitter Leaner and Stronger Versions

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Formby Strength and Fitness Camp For Men Over 35 Who Want to Get Fitter, Leaner and Stronger Wanted For Exciting Group Exercise.
Have you been unfit since lockdown?
Are you worried about getting diabetes or having a heart attack in the future?
Heart and circularity disease kills 1 in 4 in Merseyside
You don’t need to become a statistic
I can help transform you into the strong fit man who enjoys exercise and feels proud to show off your body.
Also a great way to make new mates locally. We have social evenings at the pub.
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Free Friendly-Fun-Packed Group Workouts, Before or After Work – come down and meet our friendly lads, after the workout you will feel great and go smash your day.
Free Workout Manual and Nutrition Pack – Easy to follow 7 day plan to get you fitter and feeling better
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What’s Included in The RZ Fitness Men’s Strength and Fitness Camp

  • Fun challenges and competitive games to make your fitness session fun as well as delivering results.
  • Team workout sessions with up to 10 local men like you (banter, no matter if your red or blue, laughs and an unstoppable team spirit included).
  • Time-saving 3 x 45mins sessions per week so you can exercise before or after work and attack your day.
  • With our men’s eating plan you can still enjoy weekend beers with your mates watching the footie and family meals out.
  • I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to eat so you can still enjoy eating delicious steak, roast chicken and even your favourite curry is not off the menu with our men’s transformation meal plan.
  • Strength camp is the best way for men over 35 in Formby to get fitter and leaner whilst still being able to do the things you enjoy.

Success Stories

“I Have Lose Over a Stone In 3 Months. We Have All Bonded Well”

After passing 50 I’m sure like most people, simple things like putting on your socks start to become a bit of an effort, running around after the grandchildren seems much harder than when your own children were young.

Despite being on my feet all day in an active job my flexibility and fitness had noticeably declined, especially after the covid situation.

I’d heard about Redha through Facebook and took him up of his offer of a one to one assessment and then a weeks trial

For the 3 months, I’ve been training 3 mornings a week with the lads and we have all bonded well and enjoy working hard together we are feeling better about ourselves.

Redha pushes us hard without taking it too far and provided us with dietary and nutrition information continually monitoring out progress

We have all lost weight and inches put on muscle whilst also making new friends and actually enjoying getting up at 6am!

I look forward to it and go to work feeling energised.”

– carl, 52, direct decorations business owner, formby 

“I’m Feeling Fitter, Determined to Continue, and Most Of All Enjoying It.”

I had never physically trained before and was unsure whether my inexperience and lack of fitness would prevent me from joining group workout sessions. 
I found it hard to find anything that suited my specific needs, and as I am fast approaching 50, I was not convinced that any of the local gyms were for me.
Then I discovered Redha, who following a one on one assessment and a weeks free trial, encouraged me to give his boot camp a try.
Now I train three times a week in a friendly and inclusive over 35s group, receiving health and diet advice and plenty of encouragement to stay on track and achieve my goals.
Though I have only just completed my second full week I’m feeling fitter, determined to continue, and most of all enjoying it. Thanks Redha.

– john,49.formby.

“I Have Lost Over Half a Stone and Am Feeling Happier and Healthier”

I contacted Redha one weekend, and he invited me to join in the training sessions starting on the following Monday evening.The sessions are really fun, and so different from any ‘classes’ that I have attended in the past.

Redha and the rest of the guys immediately welcome any newcomer and make them feel at home and amongst friends (which is exactly what has happened)The training is very varied and tailored to every individuals personal needs, whilst fully integrating into the programme.In five weeks, my outlook has completely changed. I have lost 4 inches from my waist-line, my pot belly has almost disappeared as I am finding my Core again, and I have lost half a stone.

I am feeling happier and far healthier, and look forward to every session.This is fun and effective. Do yourself a favour and give it a go. You will be delighted that you did.

– MArtin,62. FORMBY 

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