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Dear RZ Fitness Member

There’s always a silver lining…

The nasty pandemic has forced people to get serious about their health and fitness. Because it’s shown us how dangerous it is to be overweight and have a compromised immune system.

That’s why now, maybe more than ever before, people want to lose weight and get healthy.

And that’s why I’m super excited to announce that we will give the greatest health and fitness gift ever…to everyone you care about.

The gift of vitality and strength…the gift of confidence and control…the gift of being the best version of themselves.

You see, we’ve packaged up our most popular (and famous) 28-Day Challenge with our new amazing Eat Well Feel Better Nutrition Program – to create the fastest and most effective way for over 40’s, regardless of fitness level, to begin losing weight, getting fit, and regaining control of their health. 

  • These programs sell separately for £147 and £47, but for this once-a-year special, anyone you want to help can get them both for just £94 – a huge savings of £100!!
  • That’s why we call it “The Greatest Health and Fitness Gift Ever!” A £194 value for just £94. 
  • Just tell people to go to BEFORE 31 January 2023 this is when your gift card expires
  • Everyone you refer will get the VIP treatment from us – we’ll roll out the red carpet for them. 

And here’s what’s in it for you…

(besides the gratitude of the people you help)


We want to buy you and your date an amazing dinner experience!

Maybe you’ve heard of The Michelin Star Barn Restaurant in Aughton.

The Barn itself is a charming, rustic setting packed full of character, with fantastic views out to Moor Hall and the lake.


Their seasonal locally sourced food is to die for… the service is excellent… the desserts, ummm, well… you’re not allowed to have dessert – haha just kidding – you must try the Caramelised apple mille feuille (but you’ll need to get in an extra workout the week after ;). And the wine… oh my!

And it’s all on us. We pay 100% of your tab (up to £180), if you win our Dinner Extravaganza drawing. 

Just refer at least one person to who enrols in The Greatest Health and Fitness Gift Ever, and you’re automatically entered to win the Dinner Extravaganza. 

But it gets even better… because you get entered to win… for each and every person you refer. If you send 5 people who sign up for The Greatest Gift Ever…you get entered FIVE TIMES… making your odds of winning go up substantially.

And it’s so easy!

Just use the gift card given to you

(Grab as many cards as you need from your trainer.)

Or just send a text or email to anyone you care about, directing them to

You can even post that link to your social media. Any way you want to share The Greatest Health and Fitness Gift Ever with the people you care about is fine with us…and HUGELY appreciated!

If you have questions, let us know. Thank you for being part of our fitness family, and for your trust and support. It means the world to my staff and me.

To your health,

Redha & Yamina

P.S. Two more BIG things: (1) we’re also giving out a special mystery prize to the person with the most referrals, and… (2) every person you refer who becomes a full Member earns you 10% off your monthly membership investment (get 10 and we’re training you for free!)