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Step 1Redha will be in touch by phone within the next 24 hours. Please expect his call and respond promptly.Step 2 You are invited to join our Formby Local Fitness Community Facebook Group where you will receive Redha’s best tips in a fun and non-judgmental environment full of like-minded locals wanting to improve their fitness. Click here to join, would be great to see you there. 3READ THE REVIEWS.

“The Results Come Fast, in 4 Weeks I Dropped 5cm on My Waist and Lost 7lbs, and Added Muscle”“I would highly recommend Redha. After lockdown finished I wanted to get back in shape quickly and efficiently but I knew I couldn’t do it on my own and needed the help of an expert.His is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to diet and training. The training so far has been great and the results came fast. Redha asked me on day one what did I want to achieve. It was to tone up my stomach add muscle all over.I dropped 5cm on my waist in 4 weeks and 7lbs as well as adding muscle and being more toned. The training continues 3 times a week and he checks my weight/measurements every week and tweeks the training/diet if needed to reach the next goal.I would highly recommend him so get in touch and see for yourself.”


“I Have Lost Over 6 Kg and 3 Inches off My Waist. My Whole Body Shape Has Transformed, I’m Stronger Than I Have Ever Been”

“I Dread to Think Where My Training Would Be Without the Intervention of Redha”

“Prior meeting Redha, I had no clear plan or structure to my workoutI was becoming frustrated by not getting the results for the time I committed.

Thankfully Redha gave a real structure to my workouts with clear instructions and a personal plan to maximise my results.This coupled with his excellent dietary plan and tasty recipes I have really started to see the rewards. In such a short time I have lost over 6 kg and 3 inches off my waist.

My whole body shape has transformed and I‘m physically stronger than I have ever been.I dread to think where my training would be without the intervention of Redha.


“In 4 Weeks I Have Lost 7lbs, My Body Shape Has Changed and I Am Stronger”Redha has a great ability to understand your personal goals and he designs a training programme and a diet plan to help you manage and achieve your goals. He provides constant motivation and mentoring to help you stick to your plan.In just over 4 weeks of training with Redha I’ve lost 7lbs, inches, my body shape has changed and equally I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my strength and stamina.I would highly recommend Redha if you are looking for a personal trainer that gets you results

ATUL,57. southport.corporate & national account manager.