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Your wake up call to kickstart your fitness

Do you want to get in the best shape of your life but don’t know where to start…

I want to tell you about Marc; he didn’t think he could either; he felt stuck with his weight. Marc always put his job and looking after his family first, but he broke the negative cycle and started training that fitted around his life, he lost the weight and built muscle, in the process changing his life.  

Before Marc started training with me, he was 27 stone and felt down about his weight. He hadn’t exercised for many years and thought it would be impossible to lose weight; he also suffered from painful Osteoarthritis and feared training would make his symptoms worse.

We then started training together, taking it step by step with the Shape Conditioning System.  

Marc felt like he had a long way to go, but he could follow the week by week modules and see his progress, 

He put his trust in me; I gave him the motivation and positivity to get him off to a great start. Marc started to see results by week 2 of the system and was feeling less pain from his Osteoarthritis. The sense of achievement he felt was immense. The weight then kept on dropping off; Marc was feeling stronger with each session, progressing well with the weight lifting. The more he achieved, the more this motivated him, it was amazing to see. I am so proud of Marc’s transformation especially when he told me,

 “My life has totally changed for the best” This is what I want for you, with my help it is possible.


“I was 27 stone, I started training with Redha and then lost 10 stone. My life has totally changed for the best. His dedication is excellent; he’s helped me with diet nutrition and caters all my exercises around my disabilities. I would highly recommend Redha to anyone he’s always available for advice and help. If you want to get fit and healthy contact Redha, he’s excellent.”

If you are ready to start your journey and get stronger, leaner and fitter like Marc, get in touch, and we can have a chat about your goals. 

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