Formby Personal Trainer Helping Busy Stressed Men Over 30 Get Fitter, Eliminate Stubborn Belly Fat and Build More Muscle Faster (Guaranteed)

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Why We Are Different

Motivation & Accountability

We support you in and out of the studio. Pushing you to your next level and keeping you on track. We believe keeping you motivated and accountable you are more likely to succeed.


Train in a private studio, with just you and your coach. Exclusive attention solely on you. A personalised and discreet service meaning you can get in shape away from others.

Results Proven

Discover a proven system that gets you fitter, burns fat and builds muscle faster. We make it easy; you just follow the programme. End your frustration and start seeing results. 

Your Plan for Success


1. Book a Free Consultation and Trial

Book a free consultation and trial, so we can meet up and create a plan of action.


2. Start Seeing Results

Start training with Redha following the SCS plan and get fit, lose fat and build muscle.


3. Achieve Your Goals

Your clothes fit you properly and you are more confident. You have more energy for family life and hobbies.

Conquer your Goals

I Built 12kg of Pure Muscle, and My Social Life Is Boss

I started training with Redha as my fitness had decreased after not playing football as much and I also wanted to bulk up my chest. I thought the weight training might be hard as my upper body wasn’t very strong.

My strength has really increased. I built 12Kg of pure muscle! When playing football with my mates, I can push my opponents off the ball much more easily now; they were like what's happened to Elliot, he’s vicious! I am so much more confident now, and my social life is boss.

Elliot | Ex semi-pro football player

I Have Lost 11 Stone. My Life Has Changed Beyond What I Thought Possible

I was 27 stone, completely unfit. I didn’t think I could train because of my weight, I couldn’t even ride my bike, as I always had pain in my knees. I wanted to lose weight but didn’t know where to start, after hearing about Redha I thought I would give it a go. I have lost 11 stone so far and am so thrilled about losing even more weight in the future.

I am now able to enjoy a bike ride with my wife around Formby. I can enjoy everyday things again. I can play with my nephew in the park now while carrying him around on my back, sharing this special time with him is priceless. My life has changed beyond what I thought was possible, and I am excited about the future with my family now and watching them grow up. It wouldn’t have been possible without Redha.


I Can Golf Without Back Pain and My Game Has Improved. It’s Fantastic

"I was playing golf a lot and cycling, and I started getting pain in my back and neck. I knew I needed to increase my strength, but I didn’t know how, without making my back worse. Redha makes everything very simple he works out your plan around your injuries, and you just turn up. I was worried my back might get worse with lifting weights, but Redha knew precisely what he was doing. I noticed a difference quickly, and my back pain was getting better.

From never being a gym man to looking forward to my sessions with Redha lifting weights has been an excellent step forward for me. I can now play as much Golf as I like without pain and my game has improved, it’s fantastic. Redha is very knowledgeable and professional and is excellent at keeping me on track."


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How We Can Help You Lose Fat and Build a More Muscular Body

Many busy stressed men have lost their fitness and are frustrated with trying to fit in training around family life, work and hobbies. We created a highly effective system to burn fat, get you fitter and build more muscle faster. So you have more energy for family life and can enjoy more golf, tennis and cycling.

I am an ex goal keeper who struggled with, staying in shape, maintaining my diet, and staying motivated without a focus. I was frustrated with trying to find the time to keep in shape with the demands of family life. I decided to find a solution. I created my SHAPE CONDITIONING SYSTEM, which is designed to help you get fitter, eliminate stubborn belly fat and build more muscle faster.

Focused Strategy

The Shape Conditioning System is tailored to your busy lifestyle. Even if you have an injury or knee or hip pain, we can help you eliminate this pain. We can also focus on a specific area you are conscious about, arms, legs or chest. We can focus on the areas that you want to see the greatest improvement in, building your arms, increasing your chest size or bulking up your legs.

Highly Effective Training

As we understand you are busy we focus on short highly effective training sessions that give maximum results for minimum time so you spend less time training and getting fitter and build more muscle quicker. We then help you maintain your results so you keep your toned physique.

Fuel for Building Muscle and Burning Fat

Are you confused with high protein or high fat diets ? We guide you through what you should be eating in order to build muscle and shrink your gut. We provide you with tasty and hunger beating meal plans, no repetitive and tasteless meals. 

Our Mission Is to Build You a More Muscular and Better Looking Body.

What You Can Expect from Shape Conditioning System

  • Lose the your flabby belly fat
  • Build big walnut crushing muscles
  • Increase your metabolism, turning your body into a 24 hour fat burning machine
  • More energy for family and friends
  • Look and feel years younger
  • More confidence and sex drive

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5 Top strategies to Losing Stubborn Fat

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