About Us

We help busy parents and grandparents 40+ in Formby look better, feel better, and be the best version of themselves for their families. Guaranteed.

Personal Training Services Every Parent 40+ Loves

We are RZ Fitness husband and wife team Redha and Yamina.

We offer a unique blend of expert coaching and holistic health expertise for people over 40 and beyond to enjoy fitness, get stronger, and lead a happier and longer life.

Changing Lives

Transform your health with our bespoke programs designed for tangible results. They boost health, energy, and, more importantly, performance.

Future-Proof Fitness

Forge a sustainable path to fitness with RZ Fitness. We’ll provide guidance and help you lay the groundwork for lasting health and physical performance well into your future years.

RZ Fitness Personal Training Formby: Reviews
RZ Fitness Personal Training Formby: Reviews
RZ Fitness Personal Training Formby: Reviews
RZ Fitness Personal Training Formby: Reviews
We Listen

We prioritise understanding your unique needs and aspirations.

By actively listening to your goals, challenges, and vision, we ensure that our training ideas are tailored to align with your goals and lifestyle perfectly.

We Adapt

We recognise that each fitness journey is unique.

We meet your evolving needs by continuously fine-tuning your workouts.

Whether modifying exercises or scaling intensity, our approach keeps your training effective and engaging.

We Support

We’re with you every step of the way.

From celebrating small wins to navigating setbacks, our expert coaches keep you motivated and on track.

Combined with the encouragement from the community, we ensure you feel connected and empowered throughout.

Start your journey today.

Your Health is Your Strength. Let RZ Fitness Help You Harness It.

We understand that many women and men 40+ prioritise their family and work before their health. We help you strike a balance to take better care of yourself and your family.

RZ Fitness: Yamina and Redha

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to redefine what it means to be fit and healthy over 40, not just in terms of physical strength but also lifestyle and mental well-being.

Our mission is to empower parents and grandparents with personalised training that fits their hectic schedules.

We want to help them achieve more, overcome injuries, and improve mobility and strength in a welcoming and supportive environment that allows them to feel good about themselves and excited for the future.

We do this by adhering to our four pillars of longevity:

Strength: To build and maintain muscle mass.
Stability: To help prevent injuries and falls.
Cardio: To improve heart health and prevent cardiovascular disease.
Social Connection: To enjoy the motivational atmosphere and fun that group exercise creates.

Ready to Get Started?

Click Get Started Below: Let’s Create a Fitness Solution Just for You That Fits Your Busy Lifestyle and Gets You Results. Guaranteed.

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